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U.S and Antigua Cancel Talks Over Online Gambling Policies

The U.S trade negotiating team has officially cancelled this week the talks with the Antigua over the online gambling policies.

The announcement from the U.S team has dashed all hopes for an amicable solution regarding the issue of whether the U.S internet policies violated the international trade laws.

Both sides had decided earlier this year to try to have an agreement after the Antiguan government had filed a complaint to the World Trade Organization.

According to the ruling of World Trade Organization last 2005, the United States had violated the international trade laws.

The World Trade Organization has given the U.S a deadline last April to change the online gambling policies of the U.S.

The U.S had filed an appeal, but the World Trade Organization found that the policies are still ambiguous as some forms of gambling are allowed while some are not.

Shortly after the U.S had failed to meet the April deadline and did not comply with necessary actions, both countries had agreed to have amicable talks to solve the dispute.

According to Harold Lovell, minister of tourism, foreign affairs, and international transport and trade of Antigua, their country's delegates had offered a number of proposals to the U.S., but they were rejected.

Lovell said that the solutions offered by U.S. are not acceptable.

The government of Antigua has announced that they will notify the World Trade Organization that both countries did not reach a settlement and will continue the litigation against the United States.